Gameboy Advance 720 x 480 Drop in 3.0″ V5 LCD display


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The new V5 720 x 480  IPS LCD display brings a super sharp vivid display for your Gameboy Advance.

The  specially engineered ribbon cable provides smooth  gaming and is the best display upgrade for the Gameboy Advance.

Additionally a 15 level brightness control feature is included and requires some soldering to the the left, right trigger solder points, the select tp2 solder point on the underside and to a ground point.

The display is a 3 inch which closely matches the stock OEM Gameboy Advance. This means it is ideal for those who want to restore oem  GBA consoles with an upgraded display but keep the same screen size.

To install this this display  requires minimal case modification, just a few cuts with flush cutters.

The kit includes:-

IPS 720 x 480 3.0 inch V5 Laminated  display

32 pin and 40 pin ribbon cable,

Double sided adhesive gasket to ensure no dust enters between the glass and ips display

Screen bracket alignment shim

3 x wire

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 2.3 cm


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