-Funnyplaying Gameboy Advance IPS Laminated V3 IPS Kit – Black

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NEW Game Boy Advance Laminated Screen and Ribbon Kit – IPS

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The 3 inch IPS V3 display is laminated the a toughened glass screen lens which means there is no air gap which produces a better display with no dust.

This display will only fit the branded Funnyplaying GBA laminated display ready shells

It is the same size as the original AGB console.

The kit includes: –

  1. IPS laminated screen display
  2. Ribbon cable
  3. Fix bracket

Also there is an On Screen Display (OSD ) menu that can be access by holding down the select button for two seconds . Press the select button to toggle between the 4 menu headings and each menu item can be adjusted using the L or R shoulder buttons.

The first menu item is BRT (Brightness) which has 15 levels
Press the select button to move to CLR ( four colour presets, 1 default, 2 – high brightness, 3 – grey scale, 4 yellow GB DMG )
Again press select and to select DSP (Display). 1 -Default, 2 – Anti-Aliasing, 3 – scanlines
The next menu item is FRM (Frame blending). Render shadows so to remove flickering.

There is also a brightness touch sensor below glass lens behind the Gameboy Advance logo.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 12 cm

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