Gamboy Color Retro Pixel IPS Laminated Q5 displays – Grey DMG


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The Gameboy Color laminate ips kit by Funnyplaying is considered to be  the best GBC upgrade.
The complete kit includes all you need you upgrade your Gameboy Color.
Installation: – 
Three wires are included and these need to be soldered to the ribbon cable from three points on the GBC board. Additionally a touch sensor pad is soldered directly to the ribbon cable.
Please see pictures of installation and this excellent Youtube video tutorial.
The kit includes: –
1. Q5 IPS display with ribbon cable
2.  Three pieces of wire – required to enable the logo features
3. Adhesive film
Using Start + Select Button Controls:
When the  “Game” logo is illuminated will allow screen position adjustment. Pressing start will allow the display to move up and select will allow it to move down.
Press the touch sensor again to illuminate the “Boy” logo will allow vertical adjustments and again press start or select buttons to move left or right.
Press touch sensor to highlight the word “Color”, then use select to select the desired logo color.  Press START and Select to exit

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 12 cm


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