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Gameboy DMG Color by Mouse Bite Labs.

Taking the Gameboy DMG form factor and adding the heart of a Gameboy Color with new improved modern components

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This is a one off Gameboy DMG Color by Mouse Bite Labs using original Gameboy Color hardware and modern components.

This was built all by hand including mounting all the components and took several days to build.

  • An original Game Boy aesthetic, using the original Game Boy shell and interface (link port, volume wheel, power switch, etc.), but with the capability of playing both Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.
  • A nice, large IPS screen – the GBC Q5 XL IPS Backlight with OSD kit – with brightness and color palette control via the “navigation switch” housed where the contrast wheel used to be.
  • A modernized, efficient switch mode power supply that can run off 4x AA batteries or input from the DC jack, just like the original DMG. Testing shows that playing with NiMH AA batteries can yield more than 18 hours of gameplay at normal settings (AKA, the way I normally play it – maximum brightness and headphones).
  • Louder, warmer sound through a modern audio amplifier.
  • Tactile switches for the face buttons – like the GBA SP.
  • RGB  backlit buttons, with multiple color modes and brightness control
  • No externally viewable case modifications, outside of trimming the DMG power switch cover for Game Boy Color game compatibility.

Q5 XL IPS Backlight with OSD

  • Select + A + B: Open the OSD menu
  • Select + A: Enter
  • Select + B: Exit
  • A: Increase
  • B: Decrease

Navigation Switch

  • Rock up: Advance screen brightness setting
  • Rock up/Hold: Toggle on-screen battery indicator
  • Rock down: Advance screen color pallete setting
  • Rock down/Hold: Toggle on-screen pixel grid
  • Push in: Toggle button LED color setting
  • Push in/Hold + D-pad Left: Decrease button LED brightness
  • Push in/Hold + D-Pad Right: Increase button LED brightness
  • Push in/Hold when turning on power switch: Disable LEDs until another power cycle

Note: There is a low whine noise with the RGB led at max brightness. Bucket  Mouse was not able to completely eliminate this.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 17 × 16 × 7 cm

1 review for Gameboy DMG Color – Mouse Bite Labs

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Anyone who values the highest level of workmanship and long-lasting functionality is in the right place here. After a very good and constructive exchange of ideas and the expression of many detailed requests from my side, a handheld has been created in the last few months that is second to none. All components and parts have been assembled with great care. The gaming experience is exceptional. Starting with the tactile switches, the audio board, the high-end display, the powerful battery with 15 hours of playtime and the unique aluminum housing. Everything is in a class of its own. The device is worth every Penny! A big compliment goes to Syed, the store owner and mechanic with the golden hands, for his outstanding work and always great contact. Keep up the good work Syed and a healthy year for you and your family. All the best from Germany. PS: For everyone out there reading this review, this device should be part of every Nintendo collection!

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