Gameboy DMG -01 Green Backlight and bivert module mod kit –


High quality white ultra thin backlight panel including polarizinig film and bivert module for the Original Nintendo Game DMG-01 and Gameboy Pocket.

All our backlight panels include a resistor already soldered on a thin pcb with thin wires also already soldered.

At the bottom of the backlight panel includes a thin reflective strip below the white dispersal plastic layer which covers the led lights and unlike other cheap panels ours are sized correctly so all the bottom row of pixels on the lcd are visible.

The installation of these kits are easy to do and are ideal for beginners.

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High quality white backlight including polarizinig film and bivert module for the Original Nintendo Game DMG-01. The backlight panel has a resistor already install as well as pre soldered wires for a convenient and easy install. These are ultra thin panels which makes modding a breeze.

Installation directions: –

  1. Dissasemble the gameboy, you will need a special tri wire screwdriver to open the case.
  2. Before installing the backlight panel you will need to carefully remove the reflective film rear of the lcd with a thin sharp knife , check YouTube for some excellent tutorials
  3. Place the backlight panel and polarizing film behind the LCD and solder the black (negative ) and white or red (positive) wires to the capacitor just below the LCD.
  4. The black wire goes to the right and the white or red  wire to the left .
  5. The bivert module can be simply mounted to the rear of the mainboard and wired to the soldered points as in the picture.

Everything you need to backlight your Gameboy DMG 01

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Dimensions 17 × 12 × 2.4 cm


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