Gameboy Zero – Kite’s Circuit Sword Lite – Pi Zero W


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Custom Game boy Zero built with┬áKite’s Circuit Sword Lite board including a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

The display is a high quality dpi screen capable of displaying a stunning image in 18bit colour.
Also includes the following features:
  • Built in 3.2W stereo amplifier + headphone jack (with auto switch off when headphones plugged in)
  • Built in volume pot
  • Built in Safe shutdown, with low battery warning
  • Built in emergency shutdown (REALLY important if the Pi freezes or crashes as otherwise you’d have to disassemble to remove the power!)
  • Built in WIFI (with enable/disable by button combo)
  • Built in external USB port in the ‘EXT’ slot
  • Built in Micro USB port for charging
  • Additional ‘mode’ button to enable things like backlight adjustment, audio amp
  • 4000mAh battery should give 2 hours of gameplay
  • Mode button to control brightness, wifi, info etc
Includes 32gb micro sd card with some games installed. These include:-
Gameboy Colour
Atari Lynx
Master System
Mega Drive
NEO GEO (FireBurn Alpha emulator)
Some roms will need to be configured to work, but there are plenty of tutorials to help you do this.

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 17 × 16 × 15 cm


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